Looking for a freelance CiviCRM consultant?

As a freelance CiviCRM consultant I can help you with:

Contact me: alain@businessandcode.eu

My Approach

I try to understand your business and see how it fits with the functionality of CiviCRM. We then work closely together to build smart solutions that will bring you and your organization to a higher level.

It's important to see a CRM implementation as a journey that we undertake together. All team members, with their unique talents and knowledge, have to join forces to reach your business goals.

While technology makes it possible to work remotely, I prefer to work at your office as much as possible. This improves the communication, and I get to know your employees and the company culture.

My Values

Hard work is needed to build great software solutions. But with open minds, creativity, and equality among team members we can even make this project fun and a great learning experience.

About Me

photoMy name is Alain Benbassat. I am a software engineer, and an active member of the CiviCRM community.

I combine business knowledge with technical skills. Hence the name of my company: Business and Code.

My clients include member organizations, NGO's, European organizations in Brussels, sociocultural associations, a political party...

I have clients in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France.


Contact Me

I live in Belgium, but I also do projects in the rest of Europe.
I speak fluently Dutch, French, and English.

Let's discuss your project! Email me: alain@businessandcode.eu

CiviCRM Contributions

I am a CiviCRM contributor and partner.

Once or twice a year I organize informal meetups for CiviCRM users in Belgium.

I spoke at these CiviCRM conferences: